Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Bullet point review of The Last Jedi:

  • It’s good.

CODA: I said all that matters above–this movie is very good. But there has been some notable fan backlash so I saw it a second time to look for what I missed. Here are more bullets aimed at The Last Jedi.

  • Characterization: Rich, varied, humane, and otherwise outstanding. Best cast of a Star Wars movie yet.
  • Script: Tight, clear, funny. Spots wobble, but it’s as good as Ep 5, Ep 7, and Rogue 1, and better than the rest. 
  • Significant plot holes: 0
  • Story tangents unrelated to plot and character dev: 0
  • Things done by Luke Skywalker that only THE most powerful Jedi who ever lived could have done: 1. 
  • Likelihood V. Adm Holdo would be liked if male: 100%
  • Likelihood V. Adm Holdo would be liked if a female acting like a man: 95%
  • Excellent themes: 3, at least, probably more, which also puts it up there with Ep 5 and Rogue 1 at the top of the Star Wars Maturity Spectrum. 
  • Cinematography is on level with recent Star Wars, with a few truly epic and memorable shots. 
  • Hand closeups: 20? I love the semiotics of the human hand, and this movie uses hand closeups in a way that links characters and earlier movies in a subtle but beautiful way. 
  • Likelihood Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) would be criticized and threatened if she were stereotypically attractive and sexy acting: Close to 0. Come on, folks! The obsession with perfection hurts a lot of people, young and old. It’s time to include normal women in our vision of heroes.

Conclusion: For once, heed the critics more than the fan complaints. See this movie. See it again, like I did. It’s one of the most moving, heartening movie experiences I’ve ever had.