Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)

  • Similar movies: Pitch Perfect 1, Pitch Perfect 2, any musical comedy ever, any young women comedy ever (so I’ve heard)
  • Movies in this series I enjoyed: 3/3
  • Additional movies I want from this series: Total Zero.
  • Cool musical numbers: 8
  • Times it took itself seriously: Total Zero
  • Hours poured into writing this script: 4, 5 with coffee breaks?
  • John Lithgows apparently on vacation: 1
  • Ruby Roses: Just enough
  • US military bases in idyllic Mediterranean settings: WAY too many to give an accurate picture of life in the military. Can’t sing your songs to the kids in Afghanistan or South Korea and give a hint of import to this silly movie? I guess the insurance was too high?
  • Fake music groups better than the Bellas: 3 (movie agrees!)
  • Times I laughed aloud: Numerous

Conclusion: See it if you liked the other two. Don’t go out of your way.