Darkest Hour (2017)

  • Weaponized English speeches: 5
  • Barely off-camera naked Prime Ministers: 1, three times
  • Women who helped put the “win” in Winston: 2+3
  • Cosmic, stunning, Oscar-worthy, dumbfoundingly amazing performances by a Gary Oldman: 1
  • Stiff upper lips: numerous
  • Daylight drinks with King George: 2
  • Battles won: 0, which is when moral courage matters.
  • Emoting by Englishmen other than Churchill: Nonsense. 
  • Arguments with my wife over the Great Man vs Tidal theories of history, caused by this movie: 1.5 (Lori says to say she really liked the movie, too, but can’t think of a bullet point.)

Conclusion: See it.