Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Three Billboards Outside Somewhere.

  • Overt homages to Flannery O’Connor: 1
  • Subtle homages to Flannery O’Connor: 100+
  • Good people: Maybe 1. Maybe. They’re hard to find.
  • Incredibly good acting performances: 2
  • Characters so round they’re a spiral: 3
  • Acts of violence you might have done, too, in their place: 10 or so. 
  • Profanities/Vulgarities: Lots. 
  • Perfect song choices for the moment: 12.
  • Racists: Ever been to Somewhere, Ruralia, USA?
  • Acts of loving-kindness: Good question. Between 0 and 10, somewhere. 
  • Loving but way-imperfect moms: 3
  • Scripts that deserve an award: 1. It’s by an Irishman, so I guess it’s encouraging that rural America isn’t that hard for an Irishman to understand? Or is that tragic?
  • Times I laughed: 30-40. It’s dark humor, but good humor. I know all these people and I love and hate all of them. 

Conclusion: See it, really, but brace yourself.