Molly’s Game (2017)

  • Gist: Needing money and a direction in life, an over-achiever stumbles into hosting high-stakes poker games for wealthy and/or famous people. A true story, it seems.
  • New reasons to detest wealthy and/or famous people: Several.
  • Script: Aaron Sorkin delivers the actors a lot of goods to work with. Crisp, funny, thoughtful.
  • Drama: It’s hard to say why a biographical snippet is engrossing, but this one pegs it. Good stories raise a range of interesting, relatable questions while relaying an experience most viewers haven’t had. This movie does both well.
  • Father/daughter dynamics: I think it is the most complex relationship other than wife/husband. This story explores it in a way that is believable but not trite. 

Conclusion: See it if you like sophisticated people-stories. Or poker. Or stuff about the US legal system.