A Boy and His Dog (1975)

  • Gist: In 2024 postapocalyptic America, a carnal-minded teenage boy and a telepathic dog help each other get by until the boy is enticed by a girl into an underground city.
  • Source: A pointed and provocative Harlan Ellison science fiction novella.
  • Script: Excellent, the real strength of this weird, grim comedy.
  • Cast: A shockingly young Don Johnson, a girl, a bunch of scary goons, a bunch of scarier civilized people, and the best-trained dog in Hollywood, who deserved a four-legged Oscar, plus a nod to his voice actor.
  • Humor: Usually dark humor, but it’s funny.
  • Misogyny: Yes, yes definitely; that’s a major point of the story. When only might makes right, whether in a wasteland or a city, women, men, kids, and anything else is just another commodity for the best-armed.
  • Music and sound: Great for a low-budget flick, perfectly fills in the terror-comic feel of both settings.
  • Disturbia: A brief murder-victim image, but what’s disturbing is what people say and do in this world: “They didn’t have to cut her! She coulda been used two or three more times!”
  • Humanity: The dog is the most likable person, and even he’s an animal at heart.

Conclusion: See it you like ’60’s sci-fi, thoughtful dystopic fiction, or smart dogs. Skip it if you like objectifying women because you’ll get the wrong takeaway. Available for free on Netflix.

Boy_and_His_Dog image