Avengers: Infinity War

  • Gist: The Avengers must stop a large purple person from gaining ultimate power and carrying out a 0.5 universal genocide.
  • Cast: Everyone’s a star, so who gets to be the central character? Oh. THAT was a good and gutsy choice.
  • Villain: Hero god + mortal villain = bad story; mortal hero + villain god = good story. Well done, Marvel.
  • The Stakes: We’ve fought for our loved ones…in the whole country…around the WORLD…and some OTHER worlds…in all the UNIVERSE…through all the mind-wilting panorama of cosmic TIME ITSELF!!….**gasps**….when can we go back to saving a senior citizen from mugging?
  • Directing: How do you engage millions of normal people for a 2:40 runtime? Have loads of action scenes that…wait for it…ALL contribute to the plot! Revolutionary!!
  • SFX: What do you expect for a budget of merely $300+ million?
  • Witty banter: Who’s a match for Sherlock Holmes? ALSO Sherlock Holmes!!
  • Wakanda: Forever! Wait…What the…??????!!!!
  • Peter Dinklage: Biggest role yet.
  • The Ending: Relax, y’all. The one force stronger than love or death is profit-margin. It’s not like made-up stories have to follow rules, anyway.

Conclusion: Amazingly, it fulfills expectations.