Lost in Space (Netflix series, 2018)

  • Gist: After an unclear disaster strikes a spaceship carrying humans from Earth to somewhere else, a troubled family and some other people crash on a planet that, as with many TV planets, looks like Vancouver.
  • Cast: Excellent. Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, and Parker Posey all bring great turns to well-written characters, and the three kids are perfect.
  • Characters: Everyone, kids included, is essentially smart, brave, resourceful, and independent. No eye-roller stereotypes. Credible family drama.
  • Writing: Strong. Avoids most cliches, well-paced, often funny.
  • Technical Advising: Good work, whoever designed the believable “NASA meets Urban Outfitters” look and use of clothes, tools, and vehicles.
  • Chemistry: Both meanings of the word are mostly realistic, but it IS television.
  • Ecology: Don’t think it makes sense, but cool creatures. Hey, it’s television!
  • Physics: Ok, it’s strained, but there are partial late-series explanations.
  • Cheese: A few crumbs. Only one “Oh, that’s convenient!” moment I can think of. Not bad for television!
  • Chickens: 1
  • Homages: A full loadout! Makes this scifi fan’s heart glow with approval.
  • “Y’all need Jesus”: Netflix’s tweeted response to people on Twitter who want to make love to the Robot.

Conclusion: Now is the best time in history so far for television and for science fiction, and here is another great intersection of the two. lost-in-space-netflix-image