Deadpool 2

  • Gist: Another round of the irreverent, mouthy, violent, hilarious, self-aware, 4th-wall-ain’t-a-thing super”hero.”
  • Marketing blitz: Dizzy blizzard of silly spoofs managed to convey the gist of the flick without a single spoiler, which only proves IT CAN BE DONE! IT CAN BE DONE, HOLLYWOOD!!
  • Josh Brolin: Gamely plays straight man with gravitas, like a Thanos origin story…Oh, sorry, they make that joke in the movie.
  • Julian Denison: Kiwi kid is great, and he’s right about the lack of plus-sized superheroes. People with special powers would NEVER exercise, you know? Regular people hit the gym precisely because we are NOT special.
  • Zazie Beetz as Domino: Now THAT is a superpower! But sorry, comics, sci fi got there first, as usual. Better luck next time.
  • Family friendly?: Um…it IS an R-rated family story. If I had a 12-year old, I would take her to it, but my 12 year old wouldn’t be a stable, normal person anyway, so maybe nevermind.
  • Objectionable elements?: Oh yeah, loads, but nothing so raunchy as the new muppet movie trailer playing before it. No kidding. I’m bothered.
  • Marvel’s self-critique: “How do we admit the flaws in our past in light of modern ethics but in an artful, face-saving way?” “I know! Let’s have a character who just out and says it, no art at all, but is such a despicable anti-hero we can disavow him when necessary?” “BRILLIANT! Man, why don’t the government try this?”
  • The Plot: No spoilers, but with a tone so self-referential and all the humor black, the real evil had to be the kind that’s never funny.

Conclusion: Mix adult cynicism with adolescent humor, and you’ll love it.