Hotel Artemis (2018)

  • Gist: In near-future chaotic LA, various criminals converge on a secret hospital for criminals run by an aging nurse and her large assistant.
  • Critics: Why isn’t this one more critically successful? Deserves about 75% fresh on RT, but has an awkward 59%, the highest Rotten rating.
  • Audience: This low-hype action jewel almost got by me, and must have missed its audience. If you like Tarantino, del Toro, Scott, or Atomic Blonde, Blade Runner, and Hell or High Water, you will probably enjoy Hotel Artemis.
  • Cast: Maybe the best-cast oddball movie this year. Even those who diss the flick dig the cast. Especially…
  • Jodie Foster: Straight up, no joke, Oscar-worthy turn from Foster. It’s a shame she won’t get much notice, but it’s easy to see why a lover of the art would pick this part. Varied, nuanced, and demanding.
  • Genre blender: It’s a crime action sci-fi medical drama with a surprising ode to the nursing profession. If not “original” it’s definitely fresh and creative.
  • Visuals: A spectacle on the big screen. Coupled with fine acting it’s a 97 minute delight for a movie buff.

Conclusion: If you like Action Movies with genuine acting and sharp production, catch this one before it’s gone or as soon as it’s streaming.