Tag (2018)

  • Gist: Five men who have been playing tag one month a year for 22 years do battle in the run-up to the wedding of the only one who has never been tagged.
  • True Story: Based loosely on a group of 11 men, one a priest, who have been doing this for nearly 30 years. Like the movie says, it was reported in Wall Street Journal. http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/the-real-tag-brothers-story-is-better-than-the-movie
  • Is it funny?: Smart-mouthed, slapstick, window-shattering male humor.
  • So it’s The Hangover?: Like that, but about 10% as raunchy. You could probably take your 15 year old kid to it; it’s rated R for a whole lot of marijuana smoking and implied lewdness with a cute stuffed animal. So maybe 15%.
  • Is it believable?: Broke Jake Johnson does better with a pretty old flame than rich Jon Hamm. So no, it’s not believable.
  • Does it take A SERIOUS TURN?: Of course. Script tries hard to tap the “Playing brings adult men together even in hard times” chord. I guess whether you think that works determines whether you like the movie.
  • So I should I expect…?: No more than a laughable good time plus a few stabs at the Big Picture of life.

Conclusion: It made me laugh and has no real flaws.