Ant Man and The Wasp (2018)

  • Gist: In a branch of MCU, five diversely-interested parties vie for Hank Pym’s quantum-control science-magic.
  • Tone: The light side of the MCU spectrum, kid friendly.
  • Ant-Man: Paul Rudd stumbles along as likable dopey Everydad who happens to have a supersuit.
  • The Wasp: Excellent strong/smart female character
  • Ghost: Great turn by Hannah John-Kamen as a villain with a reason.
  • Size Matters Jokes: 4
  • Tardigrades: 3. “They’re cute, but they will eat you.”
  • Science: Comically unscientific, but might get folks interested in quantum science, like how X-Men interests kids in electro-magnetism, Superman in eugenics, and Batman in being filthy rich.
  • Script, Directing, and support cast: All super!

Conclusion: See it; this one’s macroscopic fun.




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