Sorry to Bother You (2018)

  • Gist: A guy in any-day-now Oakland lands a job as a telemarketer, then gets caught up in a steadily intensifying dilemma.
  • Genre: Uuhhhmmmm……Let’s say social science fiction.
  • Script and Directing: You seen Get Out! by that comedian guy? Boots Riley’s been a politically active Chicago rapper for years. This debut film is equally amazing.
  • The Nose: There’s artful, there’s on-the-nose, and then there’s knock-the-damn-nose-off-because-the-artistry-is-woven-into-the-production. Or, there is now.
  • Cast: You had me at “Tessa,” but Lakeith Stanfield is also perfect, as is the supporting cast.

Conclusion: Just about everyone needs to see this. Many people will love it. Some will hate it. I loved it.