The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

  • Gist: There’s this girl, right? And she has a best friend who’s real funny, and a boyfriend…well, she HAD a boyfriend, but he dumped her by text, but then it turns out…he’s a SPY! Crazy, right? And now she and her best friend have to do spy stuff to help him, and everybody has a gun, and stuff.
  • [Plot and Script: Practically wrote itself. Appears to have, anyway.]
  • Acting: Kate McKinnon, she’s just SO funny, ya know? Mila Kunis–did you know she IS from the Ukraine, back before she was from America?!–plays, like, a normal person for once.
  • Eyes and chin: So does the good guy turn out to be the kinda-hot guy or the REALLY hot guy??
  • Glamorous Super-Assassin: Whoa, I just want to be the superassassin chick–who is also a real Ukrainian, btw!–and drive that car and be a runway model and acrobat and stuff!
  • Blood: It was really violent and bloody, which was kinda weird in this total comedy, but it let the girls be all kick-ass awesome! Girls Rule!!

Conclusion: If you want a laugh, see it. Don’t ask for more.

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