Emelie (2017)

  • Gist: Realist horror thriller about three children left with a new babysitter.
  • Endangerment: I kept repeating to myself, “It’s not the ’80’s anymore, they won’t show kids getting brutalized; it’s not the ’80’s anymore…”
  • Primal: Horror has to tap relatable primal fear. What’s the worst nightmare that can happen if you leave your kids with someone else for a while? They die, right? Maybe. But there’s one thing that may be worse.
  • Acting: I could wish the kids were better, but they make it work. Sarah Bolger [Mary Tudor, Princess Aurora] creeped me far out. Glad I never had babysitters.
  • Structure: To me the best horror movies are one-half ominous mystery followed by one-half tooth-and-claw battle, and this one nails it.

Conclusion: If you like thrillers and can handle child peril, try it!

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