Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

  • Gist: An accomplished Chinese-American woman goes with her boyfriend to Singapore to meet his family, who turn out to be extremely wealthy and rather hard to please.
  • Unbelievably amazing man-made locales: 7
  • Unbelievably amazing natural locales: 5
  • Unbelievably lovely people: By various criteria, 10.
  • Laughs: 60
  • Tears: 2 or 3. I’m secure in my manhood.
  • Whitewashing: None, although book author Kevin Kwan optioned the rights for $1 in order to prevent Hollywood casting a white girl in the lead, which would have screwed up the cultural dynamics at the story’s heart.
  • Yeoh! Yeoh!: I could watch Michelle Yeoh play anything. I would watch her play a potted house plant. She would execute “plant” with sublime grace and precision.
  • Surprises: 0. Archtypal Rom-com, every beat obvious, but it doesn’t spoil a thing.

Conclusion: See it!



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