Assassination Nation (2018)

  • Gist: When an unknown hacker begins releasing private data about members of a quiet small town, a quick spiral of suspicion, blame, and mob violence culminates in most of the town deciding that four teenage girls must die immediately.
  • Genre: Black-comedy thriller/social satire
  • Filming: Stylish and competent
  • Acting: Solid. Fun to play a normal person turned suddenly demon!
  • People believing slander without evidence: 100+
  • Hypocrites jumping to the unfounded worst conclusion: 100+
  • Bad parents: 2
  • Is it funny?: Yes, often darkly
  • Is it preachy?: No, it’s blunt. Not attempting subtlety.
  • Is it enjoyable?: Hmm…it’s punchy and absorbing, not quite enjoyable.
  • Morality: Complex but clear, to my mind.
  • The Mob: Real America has sudden, murderous mobs form from time to time. The 2016 election was, in some places, held under threat of violence by the majority.
  • Trigger Warnings: Many. The film starts with its own list of triggers and isn’t kidding.

Conclusion: If you think anyone should be forced under threat to stand for the American national anthem you probably won’t like this movie. I liked it.

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