The Good Place (Seasons 1-2, Netflix)

  • Initial Premise: A woman wakes to find she has died and reached The Good Place, but realizes she has somehow been mistaken for another person and, really, she belongs elsewhere.
  • Spoilers: It’s best to plunge into this high-concept comedy without any more info than the premise. I’ll just bullet point some things it is NOT….
  • Not sacrilegious: Unless you presuppose any image of the afterlife is. But that presupposition can be a way for religious leaders to use people’s imagination, and fear, against them. Making a version of the afterlife concrete is a great way to crystallize all the questions raised by the very concept of an afterlife, especially as a comedy.
  • Not childish: It’s whimsical with undergirding thoughtfulness and intelligence.
  • Not preachy: Makes a lot of points without taking any position.
  • Season 2: Every bit as good as Season 1.
  • Season 3: Starts this week and should be posted to Hulu after its network air. Catch up on Netflix and pick up with Season 3.

Conclusion: Watch it!



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