The Dragon Prince (Animated Series, 2018-)

  • Gist: Lead writer and director from The Last Airbender animated series bring a new fantasy bridging the delight of children’s stories to the gravity of adult stories.
  • Animation: Beautiful backdrops behind competent low-framerate computer animation.
  • Voice Acting: Solid. Uses a couple of the Airbender cast. Some online dustup about the Elves being Scottish while the humans are American, but that makes perfect sense to me.
  • Violence: Good about showing violence as real and serious, but killing and death are never frivolous. Ages about 10+. No blood or horror, but scary images, like a leech the size of a semi-truck! Ick!
  • Representation: A strength, with integrated races of humans (not just awkward fantasy stand-ins), various body types, and a kickass female warrior who speaks only through sign language.

Conclusion: This first season is a great start with the promise of getting better and better. Watch it if you like fantasy animation, The Last Airbender (TV), or sibling stories.



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