Fox in the Forest

Two-player upgrade to Rook/Hearts etc
30 min
Cover image credit: Daily Worker Placement

  • Concept: Battle it out in a trick-taking game with twists to the mechanic that make it interesting for two players (only). Special cards in each of the 3 suits give another tactical dimension to play, changing the rules for what’s trump or how to catch tricks.
  • Theme: A fairy tale undergirds the game’s setting and style. Play your opponent until you reach the point threshold in 3 rounds.
  • Artstyle: Lovely illustrations make this a beautiful small-box game.
  • Replayability: If you enjoy trick-taking games, this one will fit your game collection nicely. A good filler game.
  • Accessibility: Anyone who’s played Rook, Hearts, or Spades will know how to play this game, but the tactical differences make it interesting.
  • Bottom line: The Fox in the Forest is a nice two-person filler to add to the collection

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