The Guest (2014)

  • Gist: A stranger arrives at a family’s home, claiming to be a war buddy of the son they recently lost in military service.
  • Genre: Action-thriller, collected some indy-horror nods and awards.
  • Buzz: Though it got solid critical reviews (90% fresh on 105 reviews on RT), it had a limited release and gathered relatively little money.
  • Director: Adam Wingard, following You’re Next (2011).
  • Cast: Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe play prototypes of their characters in Legion and It Follows, respectively. Stevens must have wanted to get as far from Downton Abbey as possible, so…an American soldier in New Mexico? Perfect!
  • Piercing blue-eyed stares: 23
  • People wooed by said stares and other forms of Danliness: 8
  • Maika-goes-metal outfits: 2
  •  Tracks from the cool side of EDM: 12
  • Bone cracks: 4
  • Automatic weapons: 9
  • Battles in a Halloween maze: 1

Conclusion: If you can spare $4 and 2 hours for a Halloween treat, rent it on Amazon or YouTube.