The Night Comes for Us (2018)

  • Gist: In the SE Asia in which martial arts is more effective than automatic weapons and gangs of villains politely attack one by one, one of the Triad’s top 6 super-enforcers suddenly repents and seeks redemption by trying to save a young girl, drawing in his old gang to help and shloshing a LOT of blood.
  • Times I lost track of the plot: 4
  • Times it mattered: 0
  • Elephants who would have died from the wounds survived by the hero: 2
  • Expendable young men expended: 80+
  • Languages: 4–Indonesian, Chinese, English, and French, so cool for linguistics nerds who also like bloody violence.
  • Improbable physics moments: 14
  • Illogical but dramatic decisions: 8
  • Cute children doubtless emotionally scarred for life: 1

Conclusion: If you enjoy campy martial arts movies and aren’t bothered by graphic violence, sure, try it. You’ll know in the first ten minutes whether it’s your thing.

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