Ghost Stories

Cooperative game: defend the village from hordes of demons
Asymmetric player abilities. Survival with elements of resource / card / worker management. Co-operative victory conditions.
1-4 players (best with 3-4) / 60 min

  • Concept: Defend the village from the bad guys. Play as powerful Taoist demon-fighters who must synergize their abilities, placement, and tactical decisions to have a shot at winning the game once the dreadful Wu Feng appears. Dice rolls affect the outcome, but careful collaboration is the key to winning. Best with 4 players, but the rules offer accommodations for 1-4.
  • Theme: Chinese mythology fuels these nightmare villains who want to haunt the town. Each demon must be defeated or players will be overrun. There are three ways to lose the game but only one path to sweet, sweet, victory. Resource management (including life points) determines success. Players bring asymmetric abilities into each round which must be utilized wisely to win the game.
  • Artstyle: Colorful echoes of Chinese art
  • Replayability: We’ve not stopped playing it since 2014. It’s hard! And that’s why we like it. The dice can roll against you, but most games come down to the final turns.
  • Accessibility: Takes a few rounds to learn the basic rules, but tactical mastery requires practice. Experienced players can raise the difficulty level to ensure it’s a challenge or invest in one of the game’s boxed expansions.
  • Bottom line: This game uses a straightforward mechanic (a new ghost emerges each turn to terrorize the town) to generate a sense of backed-against-the-wall-go-down-fighting urgency in the players.

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