Mid-90’s (2018)

  • Gist: In mid-90’s working class LA, a 13-year old boy with no dad and a mean older brother makes friends with some older boys who are skateboarders.
  • Directing: Jonah Hill’s debut is graceful, restrained, textured, and sublime.
  • Ouch! moments: 40+
  • Cool skate tricks: 30+
  • Bullyings: 3
  • “Toxic” masculinity?: Good question. No perfect division of what friendships are good or bad for boys. Most friends are a mixture, like most people are.
  • Underage drinkings: 5
  • Awkward alarming/charming first sex-ish experiences: 1, allegedly.
  • Realistic mom/son scream fights: 1
  • Boys who survive a few more weeks of hardscrabble adolescence: 6

Conclusion: If you can empathize but not criticize, see it.

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