Railroad Ink

Fast-moving roll and write game for 6 players.
Puzzle-solving for all ages.
1-6 players / 30 min

  • Concept: Build the best network of road and rail on your erasable game board. Roll dice each round to reveal segments you must draw onto your board.
  • Theme: city planning, route optimization / efficiency; disaster management (expansions)
  • Artstyle: watercolor drawing, pen & ink (so appropriate!)
  • Replayability: very high because it works just as well with 6 players as it does solo, and the puzzle is always different due to the dice rolls and the infinite combos. Plus there are two expansions built right into the box! “Blue” edition includes rivers or lakes dice to incorporate into your route planning. “Red” edition throws meteors or lava into the mix.
  • Accessibility: very high – Your grandma or nephew or girlfriend would enjoy this game. You can bring it to Christmas dinner and people won’t think you’re annoying. It’s over pretty fast, so no one’s tied down for hours. You can play it in the car or at a restaurant or on the porch. (You’ll need a place to chuck the dice, but that’s it.)
  • Bottom line: Easy to learn, but plenty of puzzle solving packed into this little box will keep players intrigued game-after-game. At less than $20, you should already have this on your shelf

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