Don’t Forget About Me’s from 2018

Not saying these are the best of 2018, but they shouldn’t be missed!

  • Hotel Artemis: Understated sci-fi crime thriller, superbly acted
  • Annihilation: Thoughtful, creepy atmospheric sci-fi horror
  • Upgrade: Sci-fi action posing good questions and great fight scenes
  • A Quiet Place: ***Shhhhh……..AAAAaaaaaghh!!!
  • Sorry to Bother You: Genre blender busts through American culture issues.
  • Assassination Nation: Loud, unsubtle action thriller busts through American culture issues.
  • Ready Player One: Cool SFX and Gen-X pop culture
  • The Death of Stalin: Scripts don’t get any better. (Technically 2017 but it didn’t open wide till early 2018 in much of America.)
  • Isle of Dogs: SO Wes Anderson it’s like he parodies himself.
  • Eighth Grade: Poignant, cringy, endearing closeup of the nadir of adolescence
  • Bad Times at the El Royale: Awesome action-comedy crazy-character battle
  • BlacKkKlansman: Less historical than it claims, but a sharp and funny rip into American race hypocrisy
  • Blockers: Parenting is as hard as teenagering.
  • Deadpool 2: Mouthy, crude, irreverent superhero fun
  • Game Night: No, really, it’s good!
  • Tag: Comedy with surprising depth about adult friendship
  • A Simple Favor: Comedy-mystery explores feminist themes.
  • Mid 90’s: Touching slice of pre-teen life
  • Widows: Complex crime drama much better than its trailer
  • Destination Wedding: Just 90 minutes of witty dialogue. What’s wrong with that?

So ends another outstanding year in the best era ever for movie lovers. Bring on 2019!