Battle for control of territory – in space!
Dice combat on a variable board
2-4 players / 45-60 min

  • Concept: Players duke it out for control of individual planet tiles by placing dice “ships” and using individual ship abilities to win head-to-head battles. First player to control the required number of planets wins! Surprisingly effective as a 2 person duel as well as with 3 or 4 players. Tip: Learn to play via YouTube videos rather than reading the rulebook.
  • Theme: Each die face represents a different type of ship with a unique ability. Ships may move spaces equal to their number, and the die number also affects probabilities in combat rolls. The ship mechanics are interesting and provide a lot of tactical options for players. Upgrade cards give each player unique abilities as gameplay progresses.
  • Artstyle: Crisp sci-fi artwork carries the theme. The player boards present 4 distinct alien races.
  • Replayability: Because the board is composed of tiles and there are many layouts to choose from (based on number of players), we haven’t gotten tired of the game. The upgrade cards also synergies in interesting ways, so no two games will ever be the same. [Off-market, unofficial “expansions” created additional 3 boards with new races to allow up to 7 players on a massive board.]
  • Accessibility: It’s easy to catch on to the rules in a first run, but players will begin to grasp the tactical decisions in their second or third play-through. The game pushes players into head-to-head combat, though a pacifist strategy can work on some maps.
  • Bottom line: Quantum is one of our favorite household games because the tactical decisions are always interesting. This isn’t a sprawling space opera, it’s a fun war game skinned in space ships and planetary control. The dice movement + ship abilities make interesting use of a common game element. And it plays just as well with 2 players as 4.

Buyer’s tip: Get the revised edition. The rule updates + dice quality upgrades are both worth it. Some first run copies had issues with bad dice.

Buy it at your Friendly Local Game Store, or online at Miniature Market or Amazon