Destination Wedding (2018)

Gist: Two verbose people have a witty, funny, awkward, philosophically round and subtly sweet romance while thrown together at a pretentious destination wedding.

Speaking roles: 2. Wynona Ryder and Keanu Reaves banter for most of the 85 minute run time, which was a LOT more enjoyable than it must sound like in print.

Acting: I know, I know; Ryder and Reaves are about the last actors I would have cast in these roles, too, but there’s chemistry and they seem to have a ton of fun together.

Genre: Truly a rom-com, just unusual in being clever and sharply written and centering on a pair of messed-up smartasses instead of the usual gender stereotypes.

Critics: Many were down on this flick, maybe because it demands tracking a lot of words, which may be hard for professional movie watchers. To be fair…

Target Audience: Not for everyone; it’s aimed at cynical romantics, but there don’t seem to be many of us. Wife and I loved every scene, but if you expect a traditional rom-com you’ll send me hate mail.

Droll put-downs: 144

Meditations on failed relationships: 8

Cringingly hilarious sex scenes: 1

Good questions: 23

Moments of hope: 1

Conclusion: If you are a romantic, cynical smartass, 1) I’m glad there are more of us 2)You will probably enjoy this under-appreciated rom-com.

Rent or Buy it: Amazon / iTunes

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