Captain Marvel (2019)

  • Gist: A member of an elite commando unit of the Kree military–a powerful advanced alien race–who looks human has flashbacks about being human. Then it gets complicated.
  • Exposition: A bit rushed, but it’s a rich, complex back story that had to tie into Infinity War. You need every dot connected? Do you? Watch documentaries.
  • Script: Strong, including the trademark banter, but edges more serious than the Marvel median.
  • Nick Fury’s eyes: 1-2
  • Cats: 0-1
  • Hit ’90’s songs: 11, plus an original soundtrack by Pinar Toprack, the first woman to score a Marvel movie. She also scored Fortnite, Justice League, and Pearl.
  • Women fighter pilots: 2
  • Explosions: Many.
  • Air Combat Maneuvering: Much.
  • Romance subplots: 0. Seriously.
  • Times the girl gets up again: Every time.
  • Feminist?: Hell yes it is.
  • Will my penis fall off if I watch it?: If you think so, probably.
  • Stan Lee cameos: 1. The last 1.
  • Chances I give Thanos now: **yawns**

Conclusion: Unless you’re worried for your penis, see it.

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