Bonding (short series)

  • Gist: A young gay man who isn’t quite all right with himself gets a job as an assistant to his best friend, a crack psychology grad student who makes money as a dominatrix.
  • No Endgame??: I don’t feel like reviewing Avengers: Endgame. It’s good, ok? You already know if you want to see it or not.
  • Wait, a dominatrix???: Yep. Apparently some members of the community in NYC find the portrayal inaccurate, but I didn’t take Bonding as a documentary. It’s a people story set against an appropriate backdrop.
  • Fifty shades?: NO. No, it is not.
  • Salacious??: Not really. Couple of cringeworthy-funny scenes, but far from pornographic.
  • Angsty???: Kind of. Surprisingly tender and thoughtful.
  • Whips: 0
  • Chains: 0
  • D’Arcy Cardens: 1
  • Awkward dates: 2
  • Combat penguins: 2
  • Bad guys: Plenty
  • Good guys: Enough
  • Strong women: Never enough, but more every year. We’re getting there.

Conclusion: Unless the concept offends you, watch it. If the concept offends you, please read someone else’s reviews. Available on Netflix.