Booksmart (2019)

  • Gist: Realizing that much studying and never partying during high school may mean they missed out, two high-achievers decide to attend a party the night before graduation.
  • Acting: Beanie Feldstein is ideal, Kaitlyn Dever is positively adorable, and the support cast plays right to the top without going over it.
  • Billie Lourd?: Ok, SHE goes over the top as that-girl Gigi, but it works well.
  • Script: Four-strong writing team polished every single line, almost like professional creatives proud of their work. So rare.
  • Directing: If this is Olivia Wilde’s debut, I hope it’s the first of 50.
  • Awkward sex scenes: 1, both unexpected and plot perfect.
  • Feminism meter: Just right.
  • Drug-fueled dolls: 2
  • Implied teacher-student hookups: 1, but in context it’s mostly ethical and entirely believable.
  • Pool scenes: 1, beautifully shot as well as plot relevant. So rare.
  • Gratuitous scenes: 0, and this is a teen-best-friends-coming-of-age-sort-of-sex-comedy!

Conclusion: See it.