Azul (2017)

Azul – it’s the tile placement game you didn’t know you needed!

Combine an elegant mechanic with good player interaction and beautiful artwork, and you have a winning game in my opinion. Azul has been around for a couple years, winning awards for good reason.

  • Plays great from 2-5 players, and the mechanics scale well.
  • The “tiles” are satisfyingly heavy and smooth. Good physical presence on the table.
  • Because your options are affected by others around you, and yet there are many possibilities every round, the game feels fresh time after time. You can deepen your understanding of the tactics, but you’ll never play the same game twice.
  • Yeah, it’s about accumulating points, but there are so many ways to trigger bonuses. This game is a physical puzzle, sure to be a fun find for anyone who gets a thrill packing the trunk perfectly before vacation.
  • A fast playing game, Azul won’t eat your whole night. Play one round and move on, or play a couple times in a row to try different strategies. 
  • Kid-friendly (down to single digits) and especially for upper elementary / middle schoolers. Anyone can see the patterns emerging, and kids can learn a lot about economizing their moves as they consider how to trigger the bonuses for placing tiles next to each other. 

If you find Azul on sale (and it happens occasionally), buy it!  Whether you’re looking to add a great game to your own collection or buying a gift for a friend, you will get many good sessions out of this box.

Amazon, Wal-Mart, Miniature Mart, and your Friendly Local Game Store all have copies!