Good Boys (2019)

  • Gist: Three 6th grade friends have awkward, crass, hilarious, growing-up type misadventures involving a drone, a bottle of MDMA, and their first game of spin-the-bottle.
  • Sips of beer: 5, tops
  • Terrifying alien monster teenage girls: 2
  • Misappropriated sex toys: 8
  • Paintballs to the groin: 2
  • Exasperated police officers: 1
  • Exasperated fathers: 1
  • Illicit drug uses by 6th graders: 0
  • Moments of child endangerment by highway traffic: 3. It’s like the ’80’s!
  • People revealing their own repression by complaining on Twitter: All of them.
  • Friendships that survive another few weeks of prepubescence: 3

Conclusion: See it, even with your kids, assuming you and they are all right with the long list of objectionable elements beside its R-rating on the MPAA banner.