Ready or Not (2019)

  • Gist: A newlywed bride learns that her obscenely wealthy new in-laws always play a game with a new family member on the wedding night, and once in a rare while it involves bloody murder.
  • Acting: Samara Weaving is perfect! See her in The Babysitter (2017), an underrated horror-comedy made for the same crowd as Ready or Not.
  • Facial expressions of Grim Exasperation: 8
  • Rich-people-are-evil cliche: Yes, but you know, behind every cliche…
  • Comedy: First rate, assuming you think dark, deadly irony is funny.
  • Ouchy moments: 15
  • Acts of violence by or against children: 2
  • Expendable servants: 4
  • Battle axes: 1
  • Elephant guns: 1, but it’s double barrel
  • Secret pacts with the Devil: How many you really need?
  • Political implications?: Ha! Ha-ha! Ha Ha Ha! Yes.

Conclusion: See it! Take along your romance interest and their family. Then go to dinner with them all and talk about how much the movie resonated with you.