The Gentlemen (2019)

  • Gist: When an American running an improbably successful marijuana empire across Great Britain decides to sell it…gangster movie stuff happens.
  • Critics: The canyon between positive and negative reviews, plus a friend’s endorsement, fanned my curiosity. Like a good geologist, I see now how the canyon was cut. Either you enjoy the corny machismo or your eyes roll out your ears.
  • Woke?: Nope, still sleeping soundly.
  • Acting: Great. Not much range from anyone, but they’re entertaining one-note gangster types. Hugh Grant ftw!
  • Script: Solid Guy Ritchie smooth-talking movie gangster stuff.
  • Filming: Lovely, and self-aware so you don’t forget this is a movie.
  • Action: Some shoots and some fisty fights, well-filmed and brief.
  • Comedy: Plenty of it, intentional and otherwise. Hugh Grant ftw!

Conclusion: A cheesy, cheeky male power fantasy, a guy movie with capital Guy, nicely free of social commentary, police, or collateral damage. See it at home with a scotch and a trophy wife.