Birds of Prey (2020)

  • Gist: During the process of psychologically and emotionally liberating herself from an abusive relationship with a former boyfriend, Harley Quinn gets caught up with some other strong women characters saving a kid from a spoiled rich bad guy.
  • Subtitle??: “And the Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.” There, you good?
  • Plot: Well, this is a comic book movie, so there’s a plot and it’s easy to follow.
  • Acting: Margot Robbie is outstanding, managing to give her far-over-the-top character some genuine humanity. Though always in her shadow, the rest of the ensemble generate enough chemistry to enjoy.
  • Cinematography: Fight scenes get a special call-out, evoking some of the best stylized martial arts sequences.
  • Superheroes?: With one exception I wish weren’t there, there are no superpowers in this story. As this film has come late in an overdone genre, mortalness is a relief.
  • Broken limbs: 14
  • Somehow Non-lethal rifle grenades: 12
  • Body-armor bustiers: 1

Conclusion: See it if you want to watch Margot Robbie be amazing and/or want to watch a few women injure a lot of men.