Parasite (2019)

  • Gist: Parasite is about a rich family and a poor family, and that is all you should know before seeing it. Which you should do.
  • Genre: All of them. It’s all the genres.
  • Directing: Yes!
  • Cinematography: Yes Yes!
  • Acting: Yes Yes Yes! If anything is more difficult than pulling off drama with subtlety, it is pulling off comedy with perfect timing. This ensemble cast does both, repeatedly.
  • Social Commentary: Swims laps through aspects of the rich/poor divide and basks in dark humor through situational irony.
  • Cringey moments: 21
  • Secret passages: 1
  • Violent acts: More than zero.
  • Oscars not-so-white?: Nevermind the Academy. They don’t get credit just for picking this jewel; Bong Joon-ho gets credit for creating and directing it.

Conclusion: See it, preferably on the big screen.